FluxTool: Liner Deployed Injection Device

The FluxTool is a liner deployed – extended reach – flow control device (FCD) specifically designed for SAGD wells. FluxTool performance has been verified with physically steam testing, modeled using industry standard wellbore software, and evaluated in the field with a major SAGD producer. This liner deployed solution provides a steam injection solution for extended laterals (800m-1600m) that are rate limited with tubular injection systems.  Manufactured in Alberta, the FluxTool is a cost effective and proven FCD that is compatible with all sand control solutions.

The Value of Liner Deployed Injection Systems

Liner deployed FCDs offer technical and economic advantages over tubing deployed systems. Improved hydraulics (due to larger bore ID) increase the downhole steam capacity and reduce the pressure drop along the wellbore. This enables producers to drill longer wells and ultimately access more SAGD pay per well.

A liner deployed system does not require long tubing or the additional surface control mechanisms for a second injection line. While reducing costs, the installation of liner FCDs creates an injection line with multiple discrete injection points. Whereas typical completions have 1-5 injection locations (along an 800m bore), a liner deployed system could have up to 30 injection points at a comparable cost.